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How to pick a Baby Portrait Photography Plan | Chapel Hill Newborn Photography

There are so many choices in portrait photography in the local Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina.  The best time to consider all of your options for baby pictures is when you are expecting.  This allows you plenty of time to gather details and make an informed decision on selecting your photographer of choice.  From maternity to baby's 1st birthday, there are many milestones and memories to capture.  Be prepared and don't miss a minute of baby's first year.  Here are a few helpful hints to consider when choosing a newborn baby photographer:

1).  Does the newborn photographer have a maternity package available?

Some newborn photographers also capture pregnancy photos.  Your pregnancy is a special moment in time that you will definitely want to remember.  Check to see if your photographer has a promotion that includes a  maternity portrait session in addition to a baby portrait plan.

Chapel Hill Maternity Photographer 

2.)  Does the baby plan offered include a newborn portrait session?

Most newborn photography sessions require longer time frames, usually 2 - 4 hours.  They also require additional expense to the photographer if they are providing customized sessions that include handmade newborn accessories and props.  For this reason, many newborn photographers will keep their newborn portrait sessions separate from a portrait plan that covers baby's 1st year.

If you come across one that incorporates the newborn session, be sure to ask if accessories and/or props are included with the session or if you must provide them.  This cost adds up quickly, so you will want to check on this.

There are some baby plans out there that do include a newborn portrait session as part of the package.  If you find one that includes a customized newborn session (which would include a variety of accessories & props), this is a Baby Plan worth consideration.  You will most likely find amazing value in a plan of this nature.

Chapel Hill Baby Photographer | Melissa Treen Photography

3.)  Are there any perks to signing up for a Baby Plan?

This is the best part!  Most Baby Plans offer bonus items and gifts along the way, some even offer a special item at the conclusion of baby's 1st year.  These special promotions can usually only be received my enrolling in the Baby Plan, but they are what makes the experience so special.  All of these "extras" make a huge difference at the end of the year.  You will be able to look back on baby's first year and have a tons of memories, but also special items gifted to you from the photographer for simply being a loyal client.
Baby Portrait Photography Plan Chapel Hill North Carolina

Baby Portrait plans include bonuses along the way  ...

4.)  Which milestones are captured in the Baby Photo Plan?

Some photographers allow you to choose which milestones you wish to capture during baby's first year.  The most common are:  (maternity, of course), Newborn, 3-4 month, 6-7 month, 9 month and 12 month birthday portrait sessions.  Take a minute to look through the photographer's portfolio you are considering.  Each photographer develops a style for her sessions, be sure you enjoy the images in the portfolio because style is an important consideration in photography.

3 month old baby photos with mom kissing baby boy | Melissa Treen Photography

6 month baby in natural light outdoor photography | Melissa Treen  Photography Chapel Hill NC

9 month old baby girl on rocking horse photo Chapel Hill NC portrait photographer Melissa Treen Photography

5.)  Don't forget the cake smash!

The conclusion of baby's first year is always marked by a big one year old birthday party.  This is usually baby's first opportunity to taste (and play with) cake!  : )  A fun part of many baby portrait plans includes an opportunity to capture the famous cake smash!  Yes, that's right ... photos of baby's first cake experience.  Usually a little messy, these photos are taken at the end of the session and provide a fun end to the portrait session!  : )

One year baby cake smash photographer Chapel Hill NC
Cake Smash photos Chapel Hill North Carolina
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